More for you, more often

The mobile is one of the most personal devices ever created. And we help O2 with comms that are some of the most personal we’ve ever created. Giving O2’s customers more of what they want, wherever they may be.

Phone with O2 email

The journey

It pays to get personal

By pinpointing the exact moment they start thinking about a new phone, and sending them the most personalised film O2 has ever produced. So powerful that 1 in 7 of our customers upgrade on the spot.

Your year in numbers

A year in the life of you and O2

We needed a way to remind customers of all the great things they get from being with O2. So we sent them their own personal value statement.

Turning how they used their phone and interacted with the brand into meaningful and surprising stats – even showing how they compared to other customers.



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Key to the Kas bar

Virgin Red