Making the everyday more wonderful

With over 5 million members, the IKEA FAMILY is one of the biggest loyalty clubs in the UK. And every one of those members is looking for something different. So, we gave every member more of the IKEA they love, with a personalised welcome, tailored inspiration and regular get-togethers. All to make their everyday life at home even more wonderful.

Welcome to Älmhult

A Välkommen like no other

We say hello to over 40,000 new IKEA FAMILY members every month. And we welcome each one of them with a personalised, guided tour of IKEA’s birthplace in Älmhult, Sweden.

And like all warm welcomes, we have a gift waiting too.



Rewarding members with more than points

We noticed our IKEA FAMILY members weren’t swiping their cards at the checkout as often as they could. So, we turned shopping into a game, where every swipe of an IKEA FAMILY card guaranteed our members an instant surprise.

In just over 3 months we gave away 200,000 prizes, including hotdogs, catered feasts, trips away, doughnuts, bookcases…


From postbox to inbox

How do you convince your mail-only members to sign up to your inspiring emails? Our solution was to post them something unique – the world’s first cross-stitched email. We mailed it to 40,000 post-boxes. And members across the UK opened their first IKEA FAMILY email…by hand.


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