Let’s feel good

Our 28 million customers mean the world to us. We talk to more women in the UK than any other brand, and we talk to them about everything.
Their appointment at the opticians, a Halloween treat or a new fragrance. All in a timely, thoughtful and personal way.

No7 cracked glass

Ready as ever

Be ready for anything, whatever your age

We enlisted 50-year-old stunt woman, Amanda Foster to showcase that with No7 anti ageing serums, you can be ready for anything whatever your age.

And to demonstrate it to our customers we sent a direct mailing that invited the reader to break through the outer to reveal the best skin care solutions for them.

Every Girl Has Her Favourites

Intelligent personalisation drives transaction

We made a 3-for-2 offer on beauty products personally relevant, by showcasing three products our customer had recently purchased. Engaging our Advantage Card customers in a highly personalised way, the mailing delivered substantial incremental sales, outperforming previous benchmarks

Boots advantage card
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Holiday Helper

Taking the panic out of holiday prepping

The Boots Holiday Helper makes going on holiday a breeze. Our members received personalised shopping lists for each destination, along with emails with helpful suggestions, timely reminders and holiday hacks. Making last minute holiday panic a thing of the past.




Key to the Kas bar

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