It’s time to give back to pets

We’re a nation of pet lovers. But sadly, every year more pets are abandoned, suffering and are in need of help. Blue Cross cares for over 40,000 pets each year. However, their great work in rehoming, veterinary help and education is not widely know or understood. Our mission was to change that, raising funds for their cause.

Emotion bottles

Emotions campaign

Turning Pity into Action for vulnerable pets

Traditional fundraising is turned on its head with a campaign that shows how emotions are meaningless when it comes to the plight of sick and abandoned pets. Introducing the world’s first ‘Bottled Emotions’ product range. Where you can buy bottles filled with emotion.
But these ‘products’ can’t be sold, so our campaign encouraged people to support the cause with cash donation, not just their sympathy.

Pets change lives. We change theirs.

It’s time to give back to pets

A positive, integrated campaign that targets pet owners by focusing on the wonderful things their relationships with their animals bring.
They can be our best friends, motivators, family and more.


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